STBSP, Ep, 175, Josh Davidson of Anchors and Oars

by JeffreyWettig | January 20th, 2024

Josh Davidson from Anchors and Oars.

This episode, representing our 10th Anniversary of the start of the Podcast, we sit down and chat with Josh Davidson of Sailboatparts Dot Com on the Interwebs and Anchors and Oars, a Nautical gift shop and Sailboat parts outlet physically located on the Eastern Shore of the Bay, in Graysonville, MD.

Josh had sort of become a Mythic or Legendary character in my online sailingverse. I started hearing about this great reuse-it shop that had almost anything you ever needed to outfit your good old boat. I started seeing photo’s of his Barn covered in Halyards, Piles of Block and Tackle, Oars stacked to the gills, with all sorts of Knick Knacks and Paddywhacks in between. I knew I had to check it out, and finally did back in the spring of last year, eventually buying a new to me Spinnaker Halyard, after spending a few hours wandering the premises, including the bard, the gift shop, and a few out buildings, not to mention the sprawl towards the parking lot.

Josh Davidson from Anchors and Oars

Not having much to do with Messing About with Boats until meeting his wife about 10 years ago, Josh is now steeped in the business of turning others peoples discarded and abandoned Sailboats into a full time career. He and his wife actually have a few businesses in the Marine Space. He does boat photography and drone work, while she, after working as an event specialist for the Annapolis Sailboat Show for many years, has started her own boat show in Washington D.C. while still working at other boat shows.

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