Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 11, Kayak Annapolis with Pirate Pete, Wife Kate(Cate?), Tour Instructor Dustin, and Harbor Master Bill

by JeffreyWettig | July 2nd, 2014

pegasus_sunset2_logoShooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 11, where we sit with the fine folks at Kayak Annapolis. Pirate Pete, his wife Kate, their First Mate and Tour Guide Instructor Dustin, along with a quick visit by Harbor Master Bill. I’ve known Pete for years, since middle school in fact, up through his time slinging drinks in Lancaster, PA, where he was honored by Barfly Magazine as the Bartender of the Month…… Twice, in fact! The Adventurous Spirit took hold of him round the turn of the Century, and he off and went to Hawaii, where he charmed a young woman as a kayak/zip line guide, got married, turned back towards the mainland, and ended up with Kayak Annapolis.

Pirate Pete sits with Jeffrey Wettig dishing on the good old days.

Pirate Pete sits with Jeffrey Wettig dishing on the good old days.

We start by a bit of paddle school and the tour with Dustin, then end up with a few beers on the back of the floating office next to Truxton Park off the Spa Creek, in Annapolis.
The are a family oriented company, but the jokes get a bit salty towards the end, so please don’t be offended, I think they are a fun addition to the pod.
It was a great addition to the week of cruising with Capt. Finger and glad to have been able to enjoy the experience.
Also big thanks to Andy Schell over at 59 degrees North for the new intro he recorded for me just before leaving Bermuda for the trip back to Newport after the Newport to Bermuda Race the week before!

Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast
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