Hootenanny Down the Hall, Episode #3, 100 Virgins and the College Dj years

by JeffreyWettig | November 7th, 2014

Inchoherent_PressWelcome to the third episode of the Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast, 100 Virgins and the College Dj Years, where I root around in the basement looking for tapes of my old college radio show, literally Basement Tapes, and I find a demo by a band/project called 100 Virgins, featuring Clayton from Nothing But Oregano and They Were Only Satellites. I was a Dj at WIXQ 91.7fm from Millersville University in the spring of 1992 and had a show every Tuesday from 2-4pm called the “Age Of Ragnarock,” in which I tried to feature some local and regional bands, much like I’m hoping to do with the Podcast.
First we hear 100 Virgins “Shiver,” some blathering on by yours truly, then we hear Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy with cover of the Dead Kennedy’s “California Ubber Alles.” We hear some PSA’s and LIVE (formerly Public Affection) with a song called “Tired of Me,” The Almighty Shuhorn, a regional band from Philly, Murphy’s Law with a cover of “Ebony,” Skincrawl with “I won’t talk,” Resin with “Figurehead,” The Incoherents with “Squalor” and “Shallow,” The OOgies with “Careless,” Monkey Fears with “Lust,” and Brom Bones with a live version of “Butchers Fields.”
Keep your eyes and ears open for new episodes coming soon featuring Bighorn and other local and regional acts from the 90’s, as I dig through the basement tapes. The Sharks episode is coming up with the live show they are playing on Nov. 29th 2014 at the Village night club in Lancaster.
Any questions or comments, you can find me at Jeffrey.Wettig at Gmail Dot Com or over on Twitter at theescapepods.

Hootenanny Down The Hall Music Podcast, Episode 3
Rock ON!

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