Ep. 33, My Cross Podcast with Franz from Medsailor.com

by JeffreyWettig | August 31st, 2015

Franz Amussen

Greetings folks! This episode is a special one!
I had the chance a week or so ago to Cross Podcast with Franz Amussen from The Sailing in the Mediterranean Podcast. He interviewed me and then I interviewed him, and we chatted a bit in between. His interview with me is available over at http://www.medsailor.com/?p=1803.
Franz was a great guest and host and it was super interesting to chat with about his sailing experiences on the Med, how he built his 32ft. Channel Cutter from a bare hull, at the same time as building a vacation home, his sail racing on the Great Salt Lake, and his Trans Atlantic Crossing almost 20 years ago. The past 18 years or so his boat has been kept in and around the Mediterranean, and his hopes are to sail in the direction of the Black Sea, before potentially heading back towards the eastern half around Italy and Spain.
Franz also produces financial/investment podcasts and American Sailing Association classwork study guides that will help you pass the ASA sailing exams, check his website for more information about them.
I also love the introduction to his episodes, hear it and you’ll know, “Sometimes you just have to Say…….”
Episode 33 is available via Itunes or for Download Here.
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