STBSP Ep. 51, Dobbs and Suzanne Fryberger from Walden Rigging

by JeffreyWettig | June 10th, 2016

Dobbs and Suzanne Fryberger from Walden Rigging.

Greetings Folks, welcome to Episode 51 of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, featuring a conversation with Dobbs and Suzanne from Walden Rigging. They operate out of the North East, MD area, and service boats all over the upper Chesapeake Bay, from the north banks of the Patapsco to the Bohemia River. Dobbs is a former street performer who decided it was a good idea to build a sailboat from scratch and sail it down the Susquehanna River (Dams be Damned) all the way to the Potomac. They never quite made it, but never stopped trying, eventually rehabbing a Venture 22 into a venerable racer/cruiser. Through the years they have been liveaboards, cruisers, picking up work experience along the way, eventually setting up shop in North East, and have become the pre-emanent riggers on the upper Bay. Such a fun time chatting and hanging out with these guys, they treated us to a exquisite breakfast, where we chat about all sort of things, including the overnight race they run, the Sippy Cup, running concurrently with the Governors Cup, this year being held on August 5th.
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