STBSP Ep. 52, The Rehabilitation of Skipjack Martha Lewis

by JeffreyWettig | July 13th, 2016

THe Bowsprit support of Skipjack Martha Lewis

Greetings Sailors and Podcast fans. This week we travel to Havre De’Grace, Maryland to check on the Rehabilitation of a true Chesapeake Bay Classic, The Skipjack Martha Lewis. Part of the authentic Chesapeake Bay Oyster Fleet, Martha fell on some rough times a few years ago with deteriorating planking, causing her to be pulled from the water, necessitating years of hard work by a dedicated few. The Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy is the non profit who oversees her operation, and its board President Brady Stroh was nice enough to show us around and talk about all these efforts, and what needs to happen for this Good Old Boat to get back to work. Stroh, along with local shipwright Rafe Weber and a handful of other dedicated workers and volunteers, hope to have her back to her glorious self by the end of this year, holding a Grand Relaunching next April. Fundraising efforts are ongoing and volunteers sorely needed to finish the project, find out more at
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Skipjack Martha Lewis on the Hard in Havre De’Grace, MD.

Skipjack Martha Lewis
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