STBSP Ep. 67, Burning o'the socks 3, Tom Kennedy Salty Sailor, and North East Corners!

by JeffreyWettig | May 2nd, 2017

Tom Kennedy playing drums during the Burning of the Socks at HPYC 2017

This episode we visit our 2017 opening day party at Hances Point, with an interview of one of my most fun boat club buddies, Tom Kennedy. It’s always a blast to chat with him, telling tall tales and lies, or are they true? Cracking wise and always with a story to tell, I was unaware of some of the offshore voyaging he’s done in the recent past. We were chatting for a half an hour before it dawned on me that we should be recording this. He’s a salty sailor, a character for sure, a history buff, and our house drummer when it comes to parties like this one!

Burning of the socks 2017 at HPYC.

We go towards the fire with socks in our hands as us Hances Point SWOGs burn our socks for the equinox, or some such like it, raise the flags, and set off some humongous booms from the field artillery pieces brought by our civil war re-enactor friends. See the blog post here! Our musical entertainment was the band North East Corners, who put on a great show, and hung around after for some hootenanny action.
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