STBSP Ep. 103, Captain Gino's 101 Tips for a Breezy Sailor Lifestyle!

by JeffreyWettig | February 25th, 2019

Capt. Gino with his book “101 Tips for a Breezy Sailor Lifestyle.”

Welcome back Captain Gino! This episode we check back in with former guest Captain Gino Garofalo with his new book 101 Tips for a Breezy Lifestyle! We spoke with Captain Gino a year and half ago and learned about his website and his Facebook group “Sailing, Life’s a Breeze.” This time we follow up a radio interview he did in the local Atlantic City, NJ area with more in depth conversation about how folks who aren’t necessarily sailors can experience the Breezy Sailor Lifestyle. What are the benefits of getting out there and experiencing adventure and excitement away from the throngs of tourists on the big new Cruise Ship or All-Inclusive, get on a boat, do some sailing, experience local flavor, head into town, take your time, get back to the boat with your kids or your friends and spend quality time in the anchorage, moorings, or marina.
Also in the intro of this episode we pay some tribute to sailor Cliff Kyle, a veteran who was disabled who was trying to get his new boat back down to Florida.

Capt. Cliff Kyle

He spent the past two seasons making his way south through a variety of issues. Having landed in Wanchese, North Carolina for Hurricane season, he set about tackling some of the issues with the help of many folks, both local and via Facebook Groups. I think he found a place he liked, but before he could move on, he passed away on Feb, 10th, 2019. Please read his Obituary and also consider donating to a Gofundme.
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