STBSP Ep, 116, Randall Reeves Figure 8 Voyager

by JeffreyWettig | November 30th, 2019

Randall Reeves aboard Moli. Randall and Moli recently finished the Figure 8 Voyage.

Greetings Folks! From an undisclosed location in search of quiet over the Thanksgiving Holiday, Hope you all had a good one! This episode we are once again talking with Randall Reeves, the Figure 8 Voyager. Successful on his second attempt, the Figure 8 Voyage has been a passion for Randall for the past 5 years and two trips around the world and halfway back again to finish the mission. We chat a bit about how the first attempt went what went wrong and what went right the second time around a year later.
I received a new sailing book from Bradford Rogers that corresponds with his #sailing #Podcast called “How Not to Sail,” of which there are currently 9 episodes out. Meet Fuel Dock Debbie and a whole cast of characters as he transits the Florida Coast line to get to the Miami Boat Show.
I’m also still reading “Nefarious” by Antonio J. Hobson, about all the Sex, Drugs, and Rock N’Roll on the serious Sailboat Racing circuit. I’m about halfway through the book, after I lost it aboard for a few months, and hope to finish it and talk with him sometime soon.
After the chat with Randall, who just transited the North West Passage a few months ago, we have a new cover of the famous Stan Rogers tune “Northwest Passage,” by Napalm Records, Canadian Metal Band Unleash the Archers, CC License. Borealis Records sells Stans Original works.
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