STBSP Ep. 123, Chesapeake Bay Pilot/Sailor Mark Baummer

by JeffreyWettig | April 22nd, 2020

Chesapeake Bay Pilot and Sailor Mark Baummer.

Greetings! Hope you are all faring well during this Corona Virus Pandemic, all the lockdowns, and what not. If any of you have suffered from this Disease, I wish you the best that can be for the situation. I think this might be one of those situations where almost everyone will end up being affected one way or the other, know someone who gets sick, know someone that passes from it. I know we are in that boat.
This episode I’m speaking with fan of the show, sailing podcast enthusiast, Chesapeake Bay Pilot and sailor Mark Baummer (up until 5 seconds ago I thought it was Baumner..with an n.. so, there’s that…). You may have heard him on a couple of episodes of “On The Wind,”  starting way back in 2015. He has been a Bay sailor most of his life, and along with his family are world travelers, having been all over, both by sea and by land, all while keeping a boat on the bay. Currently that is a Gemini Catamaran which he keeps just off the Magothy river, between Baltimore and Annapolis. Nothing to sell, no blogs, or You Tube Channels, no sail training, just a good ol’ Bay sailor, with an extensive background in the Marine Trades and merchant mariner service. We talk about the current state of the shipping in and out of the bay during the pandemic, how he got started in sailing, the career path that took him into the professional marine trades and his current role as a Chesapeake Bay Pilot. We talk about some of the boats he’s had over the years, favorite Bay destinations, how quick boats can become projects, as well as his family travels over the years, chartering in many of the most popular cruising grounds, as well as some of the land based travel they’ve done. If you see a ship coming down the channel in the Bay, there’s a one in 60 or 70 chance it is Mark, and if you are lucky, he may send you a photograph of you sailing up the bay!
If you are a regular listener of “Sailing in the Mediterranean and Beyond Sailing Podcast with Franz, you may hear a familiar voice, as your’s truly guested on the pod recently, for the second time! Find episode 212 at
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