STBSP Ep, 126, Porch Chat with Ralph

by JeffreyWettig | June 23rd, 2020

Capt. Finger, Ralph and MJ, Myself, and Capt. Mcgrady on Sand Island, outside of Havre De’grace, MD, 2004

This time around we are back on the porch at Hances Point Yacht Club, overlooking out Mooring Field in the North East River, chatting with good sailing buddy Ralph Shopen about his many sailing adventures since getting hooked back in 2002 with the bug. He was part of a seminal trip we took back in 2oo4 to Sand Island that got me hooked with the bug and has been around ever since. He’s owned a couple of cool boats, had some far flung adventures in the islands and Gulf Stream, as well as sailing around the Upper Chesapeake for a good long time now. He also got into running a Sail Time fractional ownership base up near NYC for a couple of years with a Catalina 360, having made the trip between the Bay and the greater NYC area a few times. His current boat, a Contest 36, is being rehabbed, and hopefully many new adventures to come! Thanks to Ralph for hanging out on the porch late morning the other week, enjoying his first Fresca soft drink! Beware there is lots of background noise going on in this one…. lawn tractors, dogs chewing water bottles, kids having fun, Spinsheet Magazines getting delivered, etc, etc.
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