STBSP Ep, 133 The Chesapeake Experience with Rob Deane

by JeffreyWettig | December 4th, 2020

Chesapeake Experience

Hey Folks! We are back with Rob Deane from Chesapeake Experience, a new non profit sailing center on the Chesapeake Bay! We spoke with Rob a few years ago when he was with the Baltimore County Sailing Center. Things got changed up and now he is busy working towards a successful upcoming sailing season with the Chesapeake Experience. You can find them over at They are sailing and racing small boats and dinghies off of Dundee Creek on the Chesapeake Bay, just north of Middle River, and larger keel boats out of various marina’s in the Middle River area. Kids from 6 to 17 can attend the sailing camps, adults can sign up for the weekend series, and many opportunities abound to volunteer, donate, and race boats! Many people have helped get things going, including the Gunston Shool, Annapolis Yacht Club, Eastern Water Sports, and our friend Marcus Asante over at Marine Arts Workshop.

Listen all the way to the end and you will hear a snippet of a song called “Old Sea Captain” by a band called Coleville. Thanks to listener Ron for sending that one along.

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