STBSP Ep. 66, Chat with Paul Matrangola, yacht broker from Tidewater Yachts, Havre D'grace, MD.

by JeffreyWettig | April 13th, 2017

Yacht Broker Paul Matrangola from Tidewater Yachts, Havre D’grace, MD.

Welcome to Episode 66 featuring our chat with local yacht broker Paul Matrangola from Tidewater Yachts/Tidewater Marina in Havre D’grace, MD. I’ve been getting newsletter emails from Paul and Tidewater for years now, and thought it was high time to go check out what they have to offer and how they operate a yacht brokerage on the upper Chesapeake Bay. He also happens to have my current dream boat on offer in his “Boat Show” style deck showroom, a 1989 Pearson 33-2 named Arrow. I’ve been back and forth about buying this boat for a while now, as evidenced in my chat with TeddyJ on the Sail Loot Podcast a while back. I wanted to check out the boat, but I really wanted to make the connection with another well regarded local sailing enthusiast and industry professional in my local area, Havre D’grace being about 15 minutes down I-95 from North East, and just over from one of my “On the water” haunts, Sand Island. I hope you enjoy our conversation about who is buying and selling boats, what kind of boats are they buying and selling, and what is so great about the upper Chesapeake Bay anyway?
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