Hootenanny Down The Hall Music Pod, Episode 0006, The Ogham Stones

by JeffreyWettig | January 21st, 2015


The Ogham Stones

The Ogham Stones are a Lancaster area Celtic/Irish/Traditional/Rock band that have played around the area since 2011. I was able to catch up with them before Christmas at McCleary’s Pub in Marietta, PA, and also checked out a rehearsal session, where I was able to interview the band and get some recordings of the practice. The Ogham Stones are working on some original material for an upcoming EP due out by St. Patricks Day 2015, which may include a special cover song from one of the regions favorite Roulette Girls. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!
So much thanks to the band and my buddy John Flavin, lead singer. It was great hanging out with them. You can check them out at www.reverbnation.com/theoghamstones and over at Facebook, www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ogham-Stones/148004071926345
Stream or Download the episode. https://s3.amazonaws.com/Hootenanny_Down_The_Hall_Music_Podcast/Hootenanny_E006_The_Ogham_Stones/Hootenanny_Down_The_Hall_E0006_The_Ogham_Stones.mp3

Songs in this episode:
The Mermaid Song (Traditional) – 00:47
Star of the County Down – 05:15
Drunken Lullabye (Traditional) – 08:06
Wild Winds of Misfortune (Vinegar Creek Constituency) – 13:02
Turkish Song of the Damned (The Pogues) – 23:38
Devils Dancefloor (Flogging Molly) – 27:28
Thousands are Sailing (The Pogues) – 33:57
Mainland (Real McKenzies) – 40:06
The Wild Rover (Traditional / Dropkick Murphy’s) – 48:55
Please find us over at Itunes. You can find me at Jeffrey Dot Wettig At G Mail dot Com…….

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