STBSP Ep. 38, Singing Songs and Boat Showin, Part 2

by JeffreyWettig | October 29th, 2015

pegasus_sunset2_logoGreetings! This episode we finish off the United States Sailboat Show Vendor interviews of 2015 with a smattering of songs around the firepit courtesy of the Irish Jasper Greens and some impromptu songs sung with members of HPYC. We chat with Karen from Viking Lifesaving Systems, Tory Salvia and Bill McNeely from the, the outfit that publishes all of Lin and Larry Pardey’s videos and books, they do video travel guides and cruising guides, and distribute Red Dot on the Ocean, the Matt Rutherford story, soon to be on your local PBS station. We also chat with John Franta from Colligo Marine, purveyor of Dyneema Dux rigging and lots of intuitive sailing gear, and boat show neighbor Etienne Giroire from ATN, Inc. perfector of the Spinnaker Sleeve, the ATN Gale Sail, The ATN Mast Climber, and many other heavy duty sailing gear, both are avid sailors, with Etienne participating in the Whitbread in the 80’s and the Route Du Rhumb Race a few years ago.
We also redo the content intro music to The Wild Rover, a cover by The Ogham Stones, now License Free! I love their version of Mainland by the Real Mckenzies, written by Andrew Walker, but I may have to take this podcast a bit more seriously at some point, and don’t want to get sued……..
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