STBSP Episode 39, Chatting with Lin Pardey

by JeffreyWettig | November 12th, 2015

Your host posing with Lin Pardey and her new book “Voyaging with Kids” at the United States Sailboat Show, Annapolis, MD October 2015.

Welcome to the 39th episode of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast in which we have a conversation with sailing and cruising legend Lin Pardey. We caught up with Lin at the United States Sailboat Show, in Annapolis, MD back in October of 2015. We talk a bit about her new endeavors in book publishing, with her new title “Voyaging with Kids,” how she is really and truly a sailor and writer completely by accident, and how life has continued to be interesting and exciting even after all these years.
It was a pleasure to meet up with Lin, one of my original wishful thinking guests here on the podcast.
Also featured in this episode is a song by Good Old Boat and Chesapeake Bay Sailor Tom Wells. He’s been on the podcast before on the boat show episodes. He has a few CD’s available for sale, the one I purchased is called “Fun on the Foam.”
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