STBSP Ep. 50! An anniversary celebratory Hostfull Chat and Retrospective

by JeffreyWettig | May 30th, 2016

pegasus_sunset2_logoWelcome podcast fans to Episode 50! I never thought I would get much past 10 or 20, but alas, Episode 50 is here and features a few quick blasts from the past as well as a lengthy chat with our returning Co-Host Mr. Smoker. It was a chilly and rainy day at the club in late May, weekend sailing plans destroyed by crap weather, but some soup and a few brews and all is well with the world. Thanks for all of your support over the three years since I started this whole thing, it’s been fun and exciting, I’ve met some amazing people and listened to some great stories. If anyone has any comments or thoughts, hit me up at
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Intro Music by yours truly and Greg Young, available via The Incoherents. The Lean Years Volume 2, on Itunes.
Break music, “Mainland” by The Real Mckenzies, as performed by The Ogham Stones

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