STBSP Ep. 63, Trans At with Captain Yannick on a Cat!

by JeffreyWettig | March 2nd, 2017

Captain Yannick in charge!

Welcome to episode #63, our chat with Captain Yannick. In the spring of 2016 Captain Yannick Piart took his crew of three, including our friend Annie Dike across the Atlantic aboard his Performance Catamaran in the spring of 2016. She documents the experience Here!
We talk about how he decided to leave his duties in the French Navy as a Naval Aviator and move his family aboard and go cruising. How he found his Catamaran as he was stationed in Pensacola, meeting up with Annie and Phil in the boatyard, how he planned and provisioned for the trip (He was originally going to do it solo!), as well as details on the voyage, and his plans for the future! Join us for the great conversation!
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You can find Annie and all of her video’s and blog posts at Have Wind Will Travel.
Captain Yannick does not have a web presence to speak of quite yet, if and when he does, we will link to it here!
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