STBSP Ep, 92, Peter Swanson, Author, Journalist, Editor from Passagemaker Magazine, sponsor of Trawlerfest upcoming in Baltimore, Sept 25-29.

by JeffreyWettig | August 13th, 2018


Hey Everyone! Welcome to a new episode of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast (STBSP), Episode number 92 with guest Author/Journalist/Editor Peter Swanson. He’s been a sailor for a long time, writing about boating in various places including many Active Interest Media titles including, but not limited to PassageMaker Magazine. They are bringing Trawler Fest and Boaters University to Baltimore Inner Harbor in September, the 25th thru the 29th, and we chat about the comparisons between Sailing and Trawlering… The advantages of doing things like the Great Loop and the ICW in a trawler, vs the cost disadvantages in terms of entry into the Trawler Universe.
He is also something of a Cubaphile, and we chat about recent changes in our ability to visit the country by boat, why there are brand new, completely empty marina’s there, and how Castro co-opted another mans dream of refitting an old motor yacht (Granma) left behind by an American Tycoon in Mexico, and started a revolution with it.
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