STBSP Ep, 105, Cross Podcast with Single Handed Sailing Podcast host Matt Rutherford

by JeffreyWettig | March 25th, 2019

Jeffrey Wettig and Matt Rutherford in Annapolis after his historic solo voyage around the America’s.

Welcome to Episode 105 of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast (STBSP). This episode we cross podcast with Matt Rutherford, Sailor, founder of The Ocean Research Project, and host of The Single Handed Sailing Podcast. We drink a bit of Sake…… Ok, a fair amount of Sake, Matt was celebrating finishing his exams to renew his Captains License and it was Miller Time….. Or Sake Time, if you will. It’s long conversation broken up by bathroom breaks and drink refreshes, it’s explicit, raw, and a romping good time of truth speaking and story telling. Matt is contemplating making a big Single Handed, Non-Stop, Circumnavigation of the Arctic in 2020 as a way to drum up funds for the organization and outfitting of their donated 65ft Steel Schooner as a proper ocean going research vessel. We chat about that, some of his recent podcasts, as well as the status of my boat and some Proper Blue Water Boats, as well as the North West Passsage.
If you listen to his version of this interview over at you will get a better sense of how this all came together and how it went down, as well as maybe it being a backhanded preview for a new Drunken Sailor Podcast Matt may get into in the future!
In my intro I talk about where i’m at with the spring projects aboard S/V Lissadell, as well as some news from the Sailing Magazine world, as well as a new #Sailing #podcast to check out called “How Not to Sail” hosted by Bradford Rogers.
Also thanks to Listener Dave for the great note about being inspired to go ahead and sign up for some ASA classes in Florida at The Sara Bay Sailing School this season!
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