STBSP Ep, 117, A chat with HPYC Mechanical Guru Luke Wager and songs by Mary Prankster!

by JeffreyWettig | December 25th, 2019

Luke, Mechanical Guru at HPYC!

Greetings, Merry Christmas Seasons Greetings! This episode we chat with resident HYPC mechanical Guru Luke Wager and hear some songs from Baltimore/Annapolis musical legend Mary Prankster, who just had a show at the Ottobar in Balitimore, Black Friday night! We hear classic tune “Blue Skies over Dundalk” and a track “Rock and Roll Degenerate” from her new album Titled “Thickly Settled.”
Luke as been a member of Hances Point much longer than I thought originally, but has spent the better part of the last two years being around and helping many of the members with projects, as well as being a great friend and helping out with my bachelor party, as well as being part of it, and also our Wedding back in October. He helped me get my Yanmar 2gm20f out of LissaDell and will be overhauling the motor in the off season, along with about 7 others lined up back in the garage where he has set up shop. He is also rehabbing his own DownEast 38, Merrywood. His plans are to head south and cruise full time, getting work where he can, in the best Larry Pardey tradition, I’m sure he won’t have any trouble doing that! We sat down at the HPYC bar recently during a COLD day and had some brews and chatted for the Podcast.
Santa has brought us some new Mics here at the podcast, The Rode Podmic for intro’s and a Shure PGA48 for field work, when the background noise is just too much, like at the boat show. With some nutzing around, the sound should improve!
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