STBSP, Episode 120, Dave, Mary, and Molly from Spinsheet Magazine present 25 years of Sailing coverage!

by JeffreyWettig | February 19th, 2020

The Premier Issue of Spinsheet Magazine, August, 1995.

Welcome Sailing Podcast fans! This Episode we send Molly Winans, editor at Spinsheet Magazine, to Fawcett’s in Annapolis to record herself, Dave Gendell, and Mary Ewenson present a history of sailing in the Annapolis area as well celebrate the magazine’s 25th year. Back in the summer of 1995, Dave and Mary, recently jobless after the demise of Rags Magazine, decided to start their own Annapolis/Chesapeake Bay area Sailing Magazine, filling a void the national sailing mags and local newspapers were not covering. Dave was the editor for the first half of the 25 years, Molly the last half. It is an interesting history, much of which I was not aware of, as Spinsheet had already been around for 10 years by the time I started paying attention.

Dave Gendell and Mary Ewenson, founders of Spinsheet Magazine in 1995.

Much thanks to Molly for being brave enough to try and record the presentation. I saw it on the calendar for the evening, and knowing I could not attend, mentioned that they should record it and that I would put it out as a podcast episode. The audio isn’t perfect, but it works well enough with some fancy editing tricks that you should be able to enjoy it. It’s a great presentation to have on file, in case anyone is ever interested in a verbal history of sailing in Annapolis the last 50 years or so.
I hope to get down to Annapolis to speak with Molly and Mary in person about the present and future of Spinsheet Magazine. They have lots of crew parties and Start Sailing Now! events in the near future, and I want to know more!

My new favorite band Alvvays!

At the end of the episode I’m including a snippet of a song called “Archie, Marry Me” by the band Alvvays. I got turned on to them back in December when I was gathering up sailing songs for my WIXQ playlist. This song appears on their self titled 2014 album. They are from Prince Edward Island, and are currently operating out of Toronto, Canada. The video for this song features a sailboat, and “Sailing in the Atlantic” is one of the lyrics in the song. Polyvinyl Records was gracious enough to allow me to play a snippet of the song. The band also has a 2017 release named “Antisocialites” and are currently playing some shows on the West Coast.
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