STBSP, Ep 121, Follow up with Mary and Molly from Spinsheet, 25 years and beyond!

by JeffreyWettig | March 4th, 2020

The Spinsheet Magazine Gang at the Annapolis Boat Show a few years back. – from facebook.

Welcome Sailing Podcast fans! This episode is a follow up to the Spinsheet 25th anniversary presentation the gang did over at Fawcett’s back in February. This time I sit down with Mary Ewenson and Molly winans, the founder and editor of Spinsheet Magazine, respectively, and we chat about the presentation, fill in some of the gaps of topics they didn’t get to, talk about some of the reader engagement projects and live events they sponsor, the effects of social media, YouTube and the Interwebs in general, and hope for a successful next 25 years.
They run a “Start Sailing Now” program that is a very popular way for people looking to get into sailing, and they have a couple of live events scheduled in March and April, which makes it easy for you to get the information and make the contacts you need to get into sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. They also hold “Spinsheet crew listing parties,” whereby sailors interesting in getting aboard race boats around the bay can go and meet race boat skippers and crew.
The new issue features some great articles about the Spinsheet Century Club, a cruising guide on the Northern Bay, and article by friend of the show John Herlig, and much, much more.
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