STBSP, Ep, 162, 2022 Annapolis Sailboat Show Wrap Up, Part 2

by JeffreyWettig | December 21st, 2022

The 2022 latts and Atts Party Crew, Nora, Jeff, and Capt. Boomies

Welcome back to the Podcast for the second part of the 2022 Annapolis Boat Shows Extravaganza, featuring 7 more fun interviews from the Sailboat Show, including the much Hyped “Hallway Hustle” with Captain Boomies, Bradford Rogers and Capt. Pauly, as spoken about on Capt. Pauly’s “All Things Boating” podcast back in November.

Captains Pauly, Boomies, Shooting the Breeze, and How Not to Sail during the “Hallway Hustle!”

This time around we are able to catch up with Beau and Brandy, Annapolis Hybrid Marine, Carl from the EWE foundation, Ronnie Simpson aboard his open 50 Sparrow, our friend and yours Kevin Derr, Annapolis Sailor Kristen Berry, and then the Infamous “Hallway Hustle” during the Latts and Atts Party at the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel.

I hope you Enjoy it!

Time stamps are as follows.

16:26 – Beau and Brandy

22:06 – Annapolis Hybrid Marine

27:28 – The EWE Foundation

33:22 – Ronnie Simpson aboard Sparrow

43:37 – Kevin Derr

50:00 – Kristen Berry

55:26 – The Hallway Hustle

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Intro Music by yours truly and Greg Young, of The Incoherents, a band I managed in college. The song is called Never Tell and is available via email. Find the other songs they did at The Incoherents. The Lean Years Volume 2, on Itunes.

Break music, “Wild Winds of Misfortune” by Leo Disanto of The Vinegar Creek Constituency, and “The Wild Rover” as performed by The Ogham Stones
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