STBSP Ep, 74. Karen Haver skippers her all female Crew in the 2017 Sippy Cup Race

by admin | September 16th, 2017

Karen Haver at the helm of S/V Bottom Line.

Greetings podcast fans! This Episode we try out a new microphone for our introductions and chat with Karen Haver of S/V Bottom Line, which she owns with her husband Steve and keeps in Havre De’Grace, MD. They ran the 2016 edition of the Sippy Cup with two of Steve’s Thursday Night Racing buddies, and she decided that this year she was going to run the race with an all women’s crew from the Tidewater/BaySail/Havre De’Grace home base. She’s learned a lot about sailing in the past three years aboard S/V Bottom Line, and in the classes taken in the years prior, but she had never skippered the boat alone or with crew, much less in an overnight race. They were well fed, had a blast, finished the race, learned and experienced a lot during the race. Karen and Steve hosted me aboard on a Sunday afternoon and we had a great time chatting about the race, the women, and future plans. Check out Baysail, the Women Who Sail, and The Magenta Project.


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