STBSP Ep. 49, Thrice a Chat with Kamau from Iandi Boats


Kamau from Iandi boats on YouTube.

Greetings Podcast fans! This episode we visit with Kamau from the Iandi boats YouTube Channel at his home base in Baltimore, MD where he is building a 54ft “Fast Cruiser” in his backyard. This will be our third chat with Kamau, and an update on the build and how he is going about updating the designs as he goes. It’s a wonderful chat with Kamau, as he discusses some of the hurdles he’s faced since our last visit and we sing some of his new favorite song! Please stick it out, as it’s a longer episode, with a bit of a treat at the end, as the HPYC crew has some late night singing shenanigans with our rendition of “Knocking on Heavens Door.”


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Check out Kamau’s video of the first 15 minutes of this podcast

Intro Music by yours truly and Greg Young, available via The Incoherents. The Lean Years Volume 2, on Itunes.
Break music, “Mainland” by The Real Mckenzies, as performed by The Ogham Stones

Sean Daniels band is called Northeast Corners and can be found

Knocking on Heavens door at the end of the episode, featuring Robert Williams, Sean and Jim Daniels, Vince Antonelli, and Jeffrey S. Wettig.

STBSP Ep. 48, Chat with Linus Wilson Author of Slow Boat to the Bahama’s

Linus Wilson, Slow Boat Sailor

Greetings folks, this episode we are gonna Slow it down for our visit with Na’leans sailor, author, and podcaster Linus Wilson. He has written two books, “Slow Boat to the Bahama’s” and “How to Sail Around the World Part-Time.” We start out with a quick version of “Iko, Iko” performed by Sean Daniels and members of the band “Northeast Corners,” as well as a few Hances Point members, during last weekends opening weekend/Burning of the Socks celebration.

Linus started a podcast called Slow Boat Sailing Podcast and has already had great guests such as world racer and round the world sailor Dee Caffari, and the peeps from S/V Delos, which I’m super jealous of. Just this past weekend he has departed on his Island Packet 31 from New Orleans, headed to Panama via Cuba, as he starts his voyages around the world Part Time!

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Slow Boat Sailing

Intro Music by yours truly and Greg Young, available via The Incoherents. The Lean Years Volume 2, on Itunes.

Break music, “Mainland” by The Real Mckenzies, as performed by The Ogham Stones

STBSP Ep. #47 Mike and Rebecca from Zero To Cruising!

Mike and Rebecca from Zero To Cruising

Welcome Peeps! Happy 4/20 day or a celebration for another year on this plane of existence for yours truly! Today it is my sublime pleasure to release to you my conversation with Mike and Rebecca Sweeney from Zero To Cruising Dot Com! Mike and Rebecca decided back in 2008 to chuck it all, business, house, etc, and buy a boat and go cruising permanently! They bought a PDQ32 catamaran and headed through the canals from Canada to New York, through the Chesapeake Bay, down the ICW and to the Caribbean. I was under the impression they circumnavigated, after an absence from following them, but alas, they did not. But they are planning on heading to Cape Horn, ran a charter boat for a while, and have crewed on boats to the Galapagos and been up and down Island many, many times. They are adventurers, value fitness and living life to the fullest and aren’t afraid to Blog about it! They’ve even written a hiking guide to the islands!

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Intro music by me and Greg Young, available on amazon and Itunes via The Incoherents.

Break music “Mainland” written by the Real Mckenzies, performed by The Ogham Stones

STBSP Ep, 46, Capt. Ken Henry, Part 2

Captain Ken Henry aboard the Schooner Francis Crow.

Greetings Folks! Welcome to part two of our conversation with North East, MD area Boat Surveyor and former Schooner Captain Ken Henry. This episode we get into how he got started in the business, as well as some of his many other interests, such as dogs, Diving, and Music. If you’ve been watching Vin and Amy over at Sailing Nervous, you can catch a glimpse of him at work, as he is surveying the Moody 34 that they are looking to buy. He was in bands back in the 60’s and 70’s, up around York, PA, around the same time as my father was in bands in Lancaster, PA. See below for a link to my fathers band reuniting in the 90’s, covering a Three Dog Night Song.

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Video of my fathers 70’s soul band Custer’s Last Band performing “Woman” by Three Dog Night. Dad’s on Guitar.

Music for the Breaks from The Ogham Stones

STBSP Ep. 45, Part 1 with Capt. Ken Henry

pegasus_sunset2_logoGreetings! Welcome to this episode of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast with Captain Ken Henry of North East, MD. Capt. Ken is a well rounded individual to say the least, well steeped in the Marine Arts. He’s a surveyor, sailor, captain, instructor, musician, all sorts of things. I had the chance to meet Capt. Ken last fall when looking at his Bayfield 32 which he had for sale, what I didn’t know is that he used to belong to Hances Point, my yacht club down the road, and his vast experiences in life. We hit it off and chatted for a good long time in the galley of the Bayfield, and I was determined to stop back around and interview him at some point in the off season, and here we have it! After two months of packing, moving, and unpacking, I finally got the chance to go check on the boat and stop by to chat with Capt. Ken. Check out the video from 1992 of an NBC Nightly News report on Capt. Ken and the Schooner Francis Crow,

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Captain Ken Henry Marine Surveys

Sailing Nervous

The Ogham Stones perform “Mainland” by the Real Mckenzies, and “Thousands Are Sailing” by the Pogues during the breaks.

Hootenanny Down The Hall Music Podcast, Ep. 10, featuring They Were Only Satellites!

They Were Only Satellites perform at Tellus 360 in Lancaster, PA, December 2015

Welcome to the Hootenanny Down The Hall Music Podcast, Episode 10 featuring the Lancaster, PA based band They Were Only Satellites. Lead man Clayton and I have been chums for years now, and the band features Lancaster area musicians that have been in and out of bands for years, AJ, Tom, and Chip. We sit down and interview them at their practice space, which they share with other prominent area bands, Slimfit and the Lebowski’s, and also catch a cover tune (Video Here). We also catch them playing a gig at Tellus 360 in downtown Lancaster back in December, and also feature a few tracks from their EP from 2012 “Jane.” The first song you hear is “Delta 9″ which was featured on Folktowne Studio Presents Youtube channel back in 2010.

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They were Only Satellites Facebook Page

Song List for this episode

Delta 9 – 00:53

I’m The Man (Joe Jackson) – 10:24

These Days – 20:04

Jane – 30:14

Whats so funny about Peace, Love, and Understanding (Elvis Costello) – 35:26

Rock and Roll (Velvet Underground) – 47:21


STBSP Ep. 44, Michael Facius from Good Old Boat Magazine!


HPYC_WinterGreetings sailing fans! It’s a cold and snowy February, but we are Thinking Spring and boating season! All the important Groundhogs are predicting an early spring, if we can get beyond all these pesky snowstorms…… This episode was a great conversation with Michael Facius, publisher and ad man for the venerable Good Old Boat Magazine, a sailing rag catering to cruisers such as myself with good old boats. We chat about the history of the magazine, how he got involved with it, his sailing experiences, as well as all the fun things on offer through the magazine. You can find out all about it at or

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Links for this episode.

Winter sound effects from

Tom Wells Music

“Mainland” a cover of the Real Mckenzies as performed by The Ogham Stones.

STBSP, Ep. 43, Fan-tastic Snowmageddon Episode featuring Mike Cloutier


pegasus_sunset2_logoWelcome to the Fan-tastic Snowmageddon Episode of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast. We brave the looming disaster and release a new episode featuring my one established fan, NJ sailor Mike Cloutier, who only started sailing at the tail end of the year 2014. Hear about his trials and tribulations in taking his dream of sailing into a reality of a great beach lifestyle evenly spent between camping and sailing with his friends and family. It’s been great having a dialogue about the cool stuff I’m trying to do here on the podcast and about a future filled with sailing and hanging out! Maybe you don’t want to follow his exact path to sailing, but take heed of his exclamation to just “Get out there and do it!”

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Macgregor 26m

STBSP Ep. 42, author Annie Dike and “Keys to the Kingdom”

Annie Dike “Keys to the Kingdom”

Welcome to 2016! This episode of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast features author and sailor Annie Dike, whose newest sailing book “Keys to the Kingdom” was just released last month. We chat about how she came, very recently, to the sailing world and how she’s been able to write two sailing books in the past three years.

“Salt of a Sailor,” her first sailing book chronicles her second time ever on a sailboat, crossing the Gulf of Mexico, a delivery trip after buying a Niagra 35 in southern Florida. “Keys to the Kingdom” follows Annie on her second Gulf of Mexico passage back across the Gulf, as well as flashing back to her personal journey from being an unhappily married, fast paced lawyer, living in a McMansion, to wandering adrift into a Bar where she meets sailor and partner Phillip and casts off into the great unknown aboard that same Niagra 35.

You can find both of Annie’s books at the following links,

“Salt of a sailor”

and “Keys to the Kingdom”

Annies website is

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The Ogham Stones

Remember the HMS Bounty

Unfortunately the HMS Bounty sank during Superstorm Sandy back in October 2012, but I recently dug up some photo’s of the Bounty leaving Annapolis Harbor in June of 2012 taken from the cockpit of S/V Pegasus, and made a gif out of them.

HMS Bouty leaving Annapolis Harbor in June of 2012.

STBSP 41, Hangin with Lee


Lee, Rachel, and Company aboard Satori, a Tayana 37.

Welcome to episode 41 of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, with BOTH of your hosts, Jeffrey Wettig and Chris Smoker, as we sit down at Davis’ Pub in Eastport with Baltimore sailor Lee Cumberland! We caught up with Lee after the last day of the United States Sailboat Show held in Annapolis Maryland in October of 2015. I call Lee a Renaissance Man, as he has his hands in lots of interesting ventures, including playing in a Vintage Rock Band, bicycling across the country playing Bluegrass Music along the way, sailing, restoring his 37 Tayana, getting married, and heading off into the sunset on an unknown voyage to the cruising lifestyle. He is interested in getting into the Podcast game ala “The Startup Podcast” which he turned us on to, which will chronicle how they let loose the lines and headed out to sea. Check out his website

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STBSP Ep. 40! Guerrilla Podcasting with Matt Rutherford


pegasus_sunset2_logoThis episode of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast finds Mr. Smoker and myself at the Annapolis Sailboat Show back in October of 2015, catching up with Ocean Research Project’s Matt Rutherford, and then proceeding to surreptitiously sneak around the former Marriott Hotel on the waterfront trying to find a quiet place to pod. Matt explains the realities of modern day Greenland and the research him and partner Nicole Trenholm spent last summer performing for various scientific outfits. We also discuss citizen science, a new buzzword among the cruising set, and the difficulties of outfitting, operating, funding, and carrying out real research out in the wilds of the worlds Oceans.

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Matt Rutherford and Nicole Trenholm aboard S/V Ault.

Hootenanny Ep. 9 featuring Matt Mcandrew and BetaPlay

Matt McAndrew

Welcome to the 9th episode of the Hootenanny Down The Hall Music Podcast featuring former Voice contestant Matt Mcandrew and California band BetaPlay. Both were on tour with The Plain White T’s recently at the Baltimore Sound Stage, and I was able to catch an interview with Tommy from BetaPlay. Unfortunately I was unable to chat with Matt but maybe some other time. I’m starting to realize that trying to interview artists at shows is a pretty difficult thing to pull off. I am also hoping that the verbal okay from Matt’s sister and tour manager Meredith doesn’t get me in hot water by posting parts of his live show. That’s why I always try to get face to face with the artists!

Beta Play

Enjoy, Like, and Share!

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The Sharks group on Facebook

STBSP Episode 39, Chatting with Lin Pardey


Your host posing with Lin Pardey and her new book “Voyaging with Kids” at the United States Sailboat Show, Annapolis, MD October 2015.

Welcome to the 39th episode of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast in which we have a conversation with sailing and cruising legend Lin Pardey. We caught up with Lin at the United States Sailboat Show, in Annapolis, MD back in October of 2015. We talk a bit about her new endeavors in book publishing, with her new title “Voyaging with Kids,” how she is really and truly a sailor and writer completely by accident, and how life has continued to be interesting and exciting even after all these years.

It was a pleasure to meet up with Lin, one of my original wishful thinking guests here on the podcast.

Also featured in this episode is a song by Good Old Boat and Chesapeake Bay Sailor Tom Wells. He’s been on the podcast before on the boat show episodes. He has a few CD’s available for sale, the one I purchased is called “Fun on the Foam.”

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Kamau on Youtube

STBSP Ep. 38, Singing Songs and Boat Showin, Part 2

pegasus_sunset2_logoGreetings! This episode we finish off the United States Sailboat Show Vendor interviews of 2015 with a smattering of songs around the firepit courtesy of the Irish Jasper Greens and some impromptu songs sung with members of HPYC. We chat with Karen from Viking Lifesaving Systems, Tory Salvia and Bill McNeely from the, the outfit that publishes all of Lin and Larry Pardey’s videos and books, they do video travel guides and cruising guides, and distribute Red Dot on the Ocean, the Matt Rutherford story, soon to be on your local PBS station. We also chat with John Franta from Colligo Marine, purveyor of Dyneema Dux rigging and lots of intuitive sailing gear, and boat show neighbor Etienne Giroire from ATN, Inc. perfector of the Spinnaker Sleeve, the ATN Gale Sail, The ATN Mast Climber, and many other heavy duty sailing gear, both are avid sailors, with Etienne participating in the Whitbread in the 80’s and the Route Du Rhumb Race a few years ago.

We also redo the content intro music to The Wild Rover, a cover by The Ogham Stones, now License Free! I love their version of Mainland by the Real Mckenzies, written by Andrew Walker, but I may have to take this podcast a bit more seriously at some point, and don’t want to get sued……..

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STBSP, Episode 37, Singin Songs and Boat Showin, Part 1


pegasus_sunset2_logoWelcome to Episode 37 of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, where we sing some songs at HPYC with the Irish Jasper Greens and do some interviews at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis. We have some breaking news from Paul and Sheryl Shard from Distant Shores Television, chat with Jess and Kate and Capt. Bob from Cruising Outpost Magazine, and find out about the Portland Pudgy Dinghy. We close with a special toast from the Irish Jasper Greens which will send you off Proper and Good!


Download the Episode by clicking HERE!

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check out the Irish Jasper Greens!

Also, continued thanks to The Ogham Stones for their version of “Mainland.”

Paul and Sheryl Shard at Distant Shores Television

Jess, Kate, and Capt. Bob at Cruising Outpost

check out the Portland Pudgy!

STBSP Ep. 36 Boat show postscript/preview conversation at Davis’ Pub


pegasus_sunset2_logoGreetings! Welcome back to the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast. This episode is a conversation between hosts over at Davis’ Pub in Eastport, MD, whereby we discuss what we did while at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, and what to expect over the next few episodes of the podcast. We had a great time at the show and chatted with so many gracious people over the course of the three days we were there. This sets it all in motion, over the next few weeks we’ll release two episodes centered on the shorter vendor interviews, then we’ll have three full interviews with Lin Pardey, Matt Rutherford, and Lee Cumberland.

To listen to the episode, Download This Link,

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STBSP Ep. 35, Annapolis Boat Show Preview with Paul Jacobs


pegasus_sunset2_logoHey everyone, welcome back to The Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast! This episode we preview the United States Sailboat Show being held the weekend of October 8th through the 12th, 2015. We chat with Paul Jacobs, president of Annapolis Boat Shows, Inc. who put on the whole affair every year. We chat about how the show got started, how they set it up every year, the vendors and attractions on offer, and some of the economic impact on the boating industry and local Annapolis area. The show is a must see for anyone interested in sailing, or power boating during the United States Powerboat Show, which is held the following weekend, with a Cruising University held in between. There are plenty boats to peruse, seminars to attend, vendors to check out, and lots of local flavor to enjoy. Check it out!

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STBSP Episode 34, Sailing and Chatting with Mom


pegasus_sunset2_logoThis episode of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast finds us sailing down the North East River on a blustery day with Mom and Chuck. We talk about getting into sailing, and how to manage your recreational activities when you are thinking about buying a boat and afterwards. We also chat about chartering possibilities of chartering out west, not that we know anything about it, and the good old days when we were learning to canoe back in the day.

It’s always good to chat with your mother, we all should do it more often!

You can listen to the episode by clicking and downloading HERE!

or by streaming the file below

or by searching on Itunes.

The guy I was talking about that was helping with the Isbjorn refit was Kevin Landenheim from Mallard Marine Services, check him out at

Ep. 33, My Cross Podcast with Franz from


Franz Amussen

Greetings folks! This episode is a special one!

I had the chance a week or so ago to Cross Podcast with Franz Amussen from The Sailing in the Mediterranean Podcast. He interviewed me and then I interviewed him, and we chatted a bit in between. His interview with me is available over at

Franz was a great guest and host and it was super interesting to chat with about his sailing experiences on the Med, how he built his 32ft. Channel Cutter from a bare hull, at the same time as building a vacation home, his sail racing on the Great Salt Lake, and his Trans Atlantic Crossing almost 20 years ago. The past 18 years or so his boat has been kept in and around the Mediterranean, and his hopes are to sail in the direction of the Black Sea, before potentially heading back towards the eastern half around Italy and Spain.

Franz also produces financial/investment podcasts and American Sailing Association classwork study guides that will help you pass the ASA sailing exams, check his website for more information about them.

I also love the introduction to his episodes, hear it and you’ll know, “Sometimes you just have to Say…….”

Episode 33 is available via Itunes or for Download Here.

or stream it below



STBSP Ep. 32, Catch up with Shaun and Julia from Shaunsailing and the Three Sheets to the Wind web series on YouTube


Three Sheets to the Wind at ShaunSailing

Welcome to episode 32 of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast! This episode we chat with Shaun and Julia from about their web series entitled “Three Sheets to the Wind,” whereby they start to refit and sail their Bayfield 25 up in Parry Sound and Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada. I stumbled upon this web series when looking for something to watch on YouTube. The title caught my attention, as I had released a cassette tape of same name for the band I managed back in the day, The Incoherents. I had to check it out.

I found it intriguing, and loved the fact that they were refitting a smaller boat, doing projects similar to ones I’ve done, or will have to do at some point, and they ran into the same stupid issues I do. Plus there’s craft beers, and sailing! What’s not to love?

Follow the series over at Shaunsailing on YouTube, and also check out the previous series about crossing the Pacific as crew on a Hylas 49, and checking out used boats, as they search for a boat prior to purchasing the Bayfield 25.

You can right click and download the episode HERE!

Or stream it below


Thanks for the great feedback on the last episode, send yours to jeffrey dot wettig at geeee mail dot com, Thanks!

The music in between courtesy of the Ogham Stones

My YouTube Channel

Bayfield 25

Paceship PY26

STBSP Episode 31, Sippy Cup Racing


Moonrise over the Sippy Cup Sailboat race 2015 – Photo by Carrie Gordon

Hey all, welcome to the 31st episode of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, can you believe it! 31!

This episode we go overnight racing in the 7th annual Walden Rigging “Sippy Cup” race from the North East River, to the first green marker south of the Bay Bridge near Annapolis. Mr. Smoker, our esteemed co-host joins us as crew on Pegasus for the race, which included upwards of 20 boats from the Upper Chesapeake Bay. We get some on the spot reports, as well as a wrap up dockside at Port Annapolis Marina the next day, after not sleeping much at all. See the video link to my youtube channel below.

You can download the episode by right clicking on this LINK!!!!!

or you can stream it by clicking below


You can find Dobbs and Suzanne at Walden Rigging.

You can find my 25 minute video, complete with Sunset, Moonrise, and Sunrise, and all the racing action you can handle over at my YouTube Channel.

Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast, Episode 0008, Panic is Perfect and The Hunts


The Hunts

Back in June we stopped by Rams Head Live in Annapolis, MD, at the behest of a couple of French dudes who were crew on the Tall Ship L’Hermione. They were going there to “See Some Rock and Roll!”

Well, hell, we had to go at that point.

The show was opened by Annapolis local band The Presser Strings, followed by San Francisco band Panic Is Perfect, and Chesapeake, VA natives, The Hunts, a family band consisting of twin sisters and five brothers.

It was a great show where I was able to record thanks to the bands and do short interviews with both of the headliners, who were just starting a summer long national tour.

You can download the Episode by right clicking on THIS LINK.

search for it in Itunes, or stream the episode below.

Introducing my YouTube Channel

Hey everyone, just wanted to announce the launching of my YouTube Channel. I’ve had one for a while, but I’m now developing it under the moniker Jeffrey @ S/V Pegasus and will be featuring videos about sailing on the Bay and corresponding with my Podcast Episodes.

You can check  out at my second official video, the first with some lame attempts at editing at

Just got my hands on a new GoPro, so it should just keep getting better and better!

Sippy Cup Race this Friday, can’t wait to do some podcasting and Sailing!

Hootenanny Down The Hall Episode 0007, Emily Grove and Jessica Smucker at Tellus 360

Emily Grove and her band play at Tellus 360 in Lancaster, PA in June 2015

Welcome to the 7th episode of The Hootenanny Down The Hall Music Podcast featuring Asbury Park, NJ native Singer/Songwriter Emily Grove and Lancaster, PA native Poet/Writer/Singer/Songwriter Jessica Smucker, and their respective backing bands.

Emily Grove has a recent album called “Life of a Commoner” which was produced by Jason Rubal in Harrisburg at Seventh Wave Studio’s. I caught her originally when she was touring with David Ford many moons ago. She is currently working on video projects and performing new cover songs at 5pm, eastern standard time, most days on Facebook.

Jessica Smucker has been out in the world as a musician for about the past 8 years, working with many of Lancaster’s more prominent musicians, and released an album called “Tumbling After” last September. The album was produced by Chad Kinsey at the Upper Room Studios in Lancaster, PA. Having taken a break from touring to have a baby, she is now touring once again in support of the album.

You can download the episode by right clicking on this LINK!

You can search for it in Itunes, or you can Stream it below


Emily Grove on Facebook

Jessica Smucker

David Ford

Tellus 360

STBSP Episode 30, Vacation talk, Crosspod with Youtube Channel, Lightning Sail Racing

pegasus_sunset2_logoWelcome to the thirtieth Episode of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast! This episode is a Hostful, with one Host, Mostly, retelling tales about a sailing vacation upon the Chesapeake Bay (going to Annapolis and back.. Not quite the high adventure I was hoping for, but a good time all said and done), cross podcasting with my Youtube Channel, and talking about my adventures at the Susquehanna Yacht Club racing on a Lightning class boat and interviewing part of the Lighting Team USA competing in this years Pan American Games, with SYC homegrown racer Danielle Prior! We also preview an upcoming edition of my other pod, The Hootenanny Down The Hall Music Podcast, by playing a track from a band we caught up with in Naptown, The Hunts. My co-host in life Nora joins me for a quick google session on International Class One Design Racing boats and a bit of her sailing history in the Annapolis area.

You can right click and download the episode HERE!

Find it on Itunes, or stream it below


A link to my examiner article about Lighting Team USA, HERE!

Local Susquehanna Valley Sailor Danielle Prior and her team race Lightning Class Sailboats, soon to be competing for the USA in the Pan American Games.

Chat with Kamau, part 2, episode 29

pegasus_sunset2_logoJoin us here at the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast for episode 29 and the second part of our chat with Kamau Iandiataiyero, this time about the Volvo Ocean Race stopover in Newport, RI back in May, about small business and podcasting, youtube, and about sailing and boat building in general. In case you missed it, listen to part one in episode 28.

You can right click on the following link and download the episode HERE.

Or stream the episode below.

Kamau Iandiataiyero

Shooting the breeze Sailing Podcast (STBSP) ep. 28, Kamau boat build update, part 1

pegasus_sunset2_logoHey everyone, join us this episode as we catch up with Kamau Iandiataiyero in Baltimore as he lays out the foundation for his 54ft homebuilt cruising sailboat. This is a two parter, episode 28 focusing on the build update, episode 29 to come shortly,  will feature some chat about the Volvo Ocean Race stopover in Newport, RI at the beginning of May and a few other odds and ends. I’m off on a sailing vacation, so it may be up before I go, and it may not, we’ll just have to see, but if you are out and about on the Bay from June 14th to the 21st, I’ll be cruising around the upper bay/eastern shore, and hope to see the tall ship Hermione in Annapolis on the 16th/17th.

You can download this episode by right clicking on THIS LINK!

or by streaming the episode below

Burning of the Socks part Duex, Episode 0027

pegasus_sunset2_logoJoin us for the second annual Burning of the Socks ceremony to open the 2015 Sailing season at Hances Point. We follow the procession through the boat yard, bless the fleet, remember those we lost, pay tribute to the flag, and burn the socks. We also play some blues music, have a party, and visit the Spring Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD and chat with the Outback Trading Co. from Oxford, Pa.

You can Download the episode by right clicking on this Link.


Or you can stream it below!



Photos from the ceremony at Hances Point YC.

Bob Daniel leads the Burning of the socks procession at Hances Point Yacht Club, April, 2015

Getting back to the Ocean with Matt Rutherford, Episode 26

Matt Rutherford sailing the Pacific in 2014 aboard a Harbor 29 to Japan, on a Micro Plastics Research trip.

Join us this week as we pull up a lawn chair next to a jack stand in a boat yard, in the shadow of the 42ft research sailing vessel Ault, home of Matt Rutherford and The Ocean Research Project, yearning to finish preparations and get back to the sea. Matt was kind enough to blow an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon and have a conversation about all of his endeavors, past, present, and future, big and small, from poking holes in his boat (on purpose), to sailing to the Arctic with Scientist and partner Nicole Trenholm this summer and next. Drones be damned, the research continues. Poorly funded and mission participants wishy washy as ever, never plan for anything but changing plans, The Ocean Research Project soldiers on.

Oh yeah, he’s also officially interested in participating in the 50th anniversary Golden Globe Solo, non-stop, sailing race around the world in 2018, if only he could find a sponsor willing to fund the endeavor and find the right ship to sail. Pony up anyone?

Listen to the episode by right clicking and saving HERE.

or searching on Itunes, or streaming it below,


Links for this episode,

Find Matt and his Ocean Research Project at, Donate some of your hard earned cash, maybe start a kickstarter or Gofundme to get him into the Golden Globe race, I’ll pitch in………

Find Marcus Asante and the Baltimore Area Marine Arts Institute at

Email Mr. Robert Williams about Dustless Blasting and Surface Preparation on the Upper Bay at

Find the Lancaster area Celtic/Irish Rock band The Ogham Stones, donator of our break music in the middle at or search for them on Facebook.



Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 25, The Women behind the Indy flick “June, Adrift”

June, Adrift

Welcome to the 25th episode of the Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast, featuring three young women living in LA that wrote, produced, and acted in an Indy Flick shot around the Upper Chesapeake Bay, which has the three characters escaping a post college reality and trying to build a small sailboat on the bay, a project started in youth and never finished. Amanda McCann, Christine Moore, and Cassie Ramoska, three young women living and working in the industry in LA, Acting, Writing, and Producing, came together on this feature film project in 2013 and have now finished the film and are making the rounds on the Film Festival circuit. Recently screened at the Maryland Film Festival in Hagerstown, MD, distribution for the film is in the works, and will hopefully be screened locally at some point in the near future.

I was able to catch up with the ladies a few weeks back on a skype call and getpegasus_sunset2_logo a sense of what it’s like to produce a feature film from nugget of inspiration to finished product on the big screen. Many local Chesapeake Bay area fans and friends have been a part of the production, and the film captures a slice of life on the Northern Bay, in and around the Elkton and Chesapeake City, MD area’s.

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A scene from the Indy movie feature “June, Adrift”


Setting Sail with Distant Shores, Ep. 24 Paul and Sheryl Shard of Distant Shores TV.


Distant Shores Television Hosts Paul and Sheryl Shard sailing on their Southerly 49, Distant Shores 2

After much fussing around with technology and schedules, I finally have had the pleasure of interviewing world renown sailors, cruisers, and television personalities Paul and Sheryl Shard of Distant Shores Television. Hardly the first to do a Podcast interview (See and with the Shards, I try to steer the conversation towards new and interesting territory, with some success! I look forward to catching up with the Shards again this year at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis this fall. If you are at all curious about traveling the world, sailing, cruising, or anything to do with other cultures, you must check out Distant Shores!

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You can find Paul and Sheryl Shard at

You can find the Ogham stones at Reverbnation

Set Sail With Marcus Asante, interview part 2. Episode 23.

Captain Marcus Asante sailing on the Chesapeake Bay

Join us for the second part of our interview with Baltimore Sailor and Harrisburg, PA native Marcus Asante of the Marine Arts Institute and the Universal Sailing Club. We talk about sailing mentors, or the lack thereof, Emerging Markets ne’ Diversity in sailing, some war story swapping and where he’s headed in the future with his efforts to extoll the virtues of sailing, history, and expanding horizons to his audience and community.

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Boating Industry article over at

Episode 22, a new interview with Marcus Asante, Part 1.


Captain Marcus Asante sailing on the Chesapeake Bay.



Episode 22 of the Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast features a new interview with Harrisburg, PA native, and Baltimore, MD resident maritime historian and sailor Marcus Asante. He stopped by a few days ago and we shot the breeze for about three hours about the Volvo Ocean Race, how he got into paddling and sailing, and his community efforts in spreading the word about the area’s maritime history and his love of sailing. This is part 1 of 2, look for the next episode in a week or so.

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Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 0022

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You can check out Marcus at the Marine Arts Institute.

Music for the in between parts courtesy of The Ogham Stones, also featured on the Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast.

Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, Episode 21, Jack Kelly from Inflatable Marine Services

All your inflatable sales and service needs at

In this episode of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, we catch up with Jack Kelly of Inflatable Marine Services, based in West Chester, Pa and outside of Ocean City, New Jersey. His main focus is sales and service of Inflatable boats, from dinghy’s and tenders, to full on Rescue boats and Sport boats. Lately, the market has turned strange, with many boats flooding the market, under numerous brands and badges, that have suspect quality control, coming out of China. There is intense pressure to compete with the lower end of the price range, which means that us consumers are left with the lower end of the quality range.pegasus_sunset2_logo

This market upheaval has left Jack with considering rehabbing old, smaller, sailboats as a complimentary line to his inflatable business. Having grown up sailing and being around boats of all kinds for many years, Jack has some stories to tell.

Please excuse the audio quality of this podcast, I am trying to incorporate Skype recording into my podcast interviews, and this time it just flat out didn’t work. I did have my recorder present off to the side to record the conversation, which it did, for approximately and hour and twenty five minutes, before the juice ran out, so you guys miss the last hour of our conversation, but what I have is pretty good, so check it out!

Stream the episode below, or right click to download HERE! Also find us on Itunes!


You can find Jack at

Hootenanny Down The Hall Music Pod, Episode 0006, The Ogham Stones


The Ogham Stones

The Ogham Stones are a Lancaster area Celtic/Irish/Traditional/Rock band that have played around the area since 2011. I was able to catch up with them before Christmas at McCleary’s Pub in Marietta, PA, and also checked out a rehearsal session, where I was able to interview the band and get some recordings of the practice. The Ogham Stones are working on some original material for an upcoming EP due out by St. Patricks Day 2015, which may include a special cover song from one of the regions favorite Roulette Girls. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

So much thanks to the band and my buddy John Flavin, lead singer. It was great hanging out with them. You can check them out at and over at Facebook,

Stream or Download the episode.

Songs in this episode:

The Mermaid Song (Traditional) – 00:47

Star of the County Down – 05:15

Drunken Lullabye (Traditional) – 08:06

Wild Winds of Misfortune (Vinegar Creek Constituency) – 13:02

Turkish Song of the Damned (The Pogues) – 23:38

Devils Dancefloor (Flogging Molly) – 27:28

Thousands are Sailing (The Pogues) – 33:57

Mainland (Real McKenzies) – 40:06

The Wild Rover (Traditional / Dropkick Murphy’s) – 48:55


Please find us over at Itunes. You can find me at Jeffrey Dot Wettig At G Mail dot Com…….


Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast, Episode 5 featuring The Sharks.

The Sharks in 2013

Welcome to the Hootenanny Down The Hall Music Podcast, episode 5, featuring The Sharks from Lancaster, PA. The Sharks formed in the late 1970’s, made a run towards the national scene with constant touring, an MTV contest win, an Electra Records EP, and an MTV video. The band went through some changes in the late 80’s and called it quits in the early 90’s. In 1999/2000, the five most constant members got back together for a reunion show, which ended up leading to almost a decades worth of shows in and around the Lancaster/Harrisburg, Pa area. In 2009, Sam Lugar the lead singer passed away suddenly. In 2010 his son Ian joined the band in place of his father for a memorial show “Samfest” at the Chameleon Club. Since then they have gotten together three more times in four years, and hope to do it again in the future. Please Join me as I chat with Mr. Chris Smoker, Wayne Terry, Nora Seggel, Matt Ritter Aka DJ Neidermeyer, and my father Steve “Zero” Wettig about the band, its legacy and its future.


Download Podcast file here.

Tracks in the Episode:

Do You remember 1:18

I’m a bit touched 17:28

Don’t Blame Me 32:52

Holiday 44:15

Standing in the Rain/You Make Me 51:40

You Better Watch Her 1.15:20

On My Own 1.22:53

Only Time Will Tell 1.27:21

The Object Of My Fascination 1.33:30

It All Comes Back On You 1.41:41

Home Again 1.50:56

The Sharks 1986











The Sharks Play the Chameleon Club in 2008.

Episode 18 of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, “Lets Build a Boat with Kamau, Pt. 2″

pegasus_sunset2_logoWelcome to the 18th episode of the Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast, this is part 2 of my interview with Kamau who is planning on building his own 54ft cruising sailboat. Last time around we talked about how he got into sailing and some of his experiences, this time around we get into the nuts and bolts of his plans for the build, material, processes, layout, equipment, etc. Big thanks to Kamau for sitting down with me, and big thanks to all of you for hanging out and shooting the breeze with me for the past year. Thanks to Mr. Smoker and Ms. Nora for all of their support and involvement, and to everyone at the club and who I’ve interviewed and stuck a Mic in their face at every opportunity. It’s been a heckuva year, and hopefully the next year is just as or more fruitful as this year.

Please feel free to contact me on twitter @theescapepods or over at Jeffrey.Wettig@gmail dot com, find us on Itunes, and share the pod with all of your friends.


Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast, Episode 18


Episode 17 of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, “Lets Build a Boat with Kamau” part 1.

pegasus_sunset2_logoThis weeks episode we meet up with Kamau Iandiataiyero a 6’7″ guy from Baltimore that wants to build a cruising sailboat to fit his needs, do it in his backyard, and do it at a discount by using readily available materials that don’t have the word “Marine” in the title, and costing three times as much just because of that. He started sailing Two years ago by taking ASA classes and chartering boats on the Chesapeake Bay and is now a member of the Universal Sailing Club in the Baltimore area. This is part 1 of a 2 part series.

You can find his Youtube page over at and a few over at Andy Schell’s website,

Thanks to Kamau for his hospitality during this interview, enjoy!



Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, Episode 17, “Lets Build a boat with Kamau!”

Episode 16 of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, Start Sailing Now!

pegasus_sunset2_logoThis Episode finds our Co-Host Chris Smoker return for a fireside chat at the club about the state of sailing and how we can sustain the sport in the face of declining participants, a gluttony of used boats, and prohibitive entry barriers. We start out not sure what we are going to discuss, and before you know it, we were finished an hour later. Sit by the fire on a chilly late fall evening and have a chat with us!

Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, Episode 16

Hootenanny Down The Hall Episode #4, Spastic Et Loud Compilation Tape 1995


On this episode of The Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast, we revisit the Basement Tapes, literally going through cassette tapes I found in the basement, this time it’s a compilation tape I put together in 1995 for my fanzine “Spastic Et Loud” which I put out in the mid nineties. Featuring bands from the area and bands I was featuring in the rag. I decided to give a little background on each band in between songs, some I know more about and some I can’t find much information on. The genre’s range from Metal to Punk, with a little activist American Indian singer/songwriter stuff in between. Jet Silver, Liquid Brick, Subsonics, Deadlove, Jessie Nighthawk, The Incoherents, Bighorn, Hammer and Tongs, Violent Society, and The Oogies are featured.

Thanks to all the bands for letting me feature their music back in the day, please feel free to check them out if you can find them!

Hootenanny Down The Hall Music Podcast Episode 4

Hootenanny Down the Hall, Episode #3, 100 Virgins and the College Dj years

Inchoherent_PressWelcome to the third episode of the Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast, 100 Virgins and the College Dj Years, where I root around in the basement looking for tapes of my old college radio show, literally Basement Tapes, and I find a demo by a band/project called 100 Virgins, featuring Clayton from Nothing But Oregano and They Were Only Satellites. I was a Dj at WIXQ 91.7fm from Millersville University in the spring of 1992 and had a show every Tuesday from 2-4pm called the “Age Of Ragnarock,” in which I tried to feature some local and regional bands, much like I’m hoping to do with the Podcast.

First we hear 100 Virgins “Shiver,” some blathering on by yours truly, then we hear Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy with cover of the Dead Kennedy’s “California Ubber Alles.” We hear some PSA’s and LIVE (formerly Public Affection) with a song called “Tired of Me,” The Almighty Shuhorn, a regional band from Philly, Murphy’s Law with a cover of “Ebony,” Skincrawl with “I won’t talk,” Resin with “Figurehead,” The Incoherents with “Squalor” and “Shallow,” The OOgies with “Careless,” Monkey Fears with “Lust,” and Brom Bones with a live version of “Butchers Fields.”

Keep your eyes and ears open for new episodes coming soon featuring Bighorn and other local and regional acts from the 90’s, as I dig through the basement tapes. The Sharks episode is coming up with the live show they are playing on Nov. 29th 2014 at the Village night club in Lancaster.

Any questions or comments, you can find me at Jeffrey.Wettig at Gmail Dot Com or over on Twitter at theescapepods.


Hootenanny Down The Hall Music Podcast, Episode 3

Rock ON!

Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 15, Boat Show Redux

pegasus_sunset2_logoWe are back to the United States Sailboat Show 2014 in this, the 15th episode of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast. We start off paying tribute to Gene Smith, a member of HPYC that we lost a couple of weeks ago in a drowning accident, a clip of the sock burning party where you can here Gene briefly as the music gets going. Head back to episode 7 to hear more of Gene when Capt. Finger and myself talk to him about how much fuel he would burn if he cruised with us on his powerboat. Remember, always wear a PFD when on or around docks, dinghy’s or out on deck.

We catch up with All At Sea Southeasts Terry Boram, a former sailing examiner from the Baltimore area who is now editor and pushing for All At Sea’s entry into the Chesapeake Bay area. We reconnect with Capt. Bob Bitchin from Cruising Outpost Magazine, and Capt. Bill from Baysail sailing school and charter up in Havre De’Grace, MD.

There’s some exiciting things going on this week, I’ll try and let you in on very soon, so keep your ears and eyes open.

We end with the full song that I’ve been using as an intro and outtro, with a quick history and invitation to check out the Hootenanny Down The Hall music podcast here at the escape pods dot com.

Enjoy the show!


Episode 15 of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast


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A tale of two sailing podcasters

So I wrote an article the other week outlining the story of how two seemingly different guys from two different places, ended up in the same psychic anchorage doing sailing podcasts at about the same time. Head over to, Andy Schell’s website to find the article.

Big thanks to Andy for not thinking I’m just some weird guy he met once, publicly anyway, and publishing the article on his newly relaunched Ocean Sailing Website.

Look for episode 15 of the Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast later today, coming to you from the United States Sailboat Show last weekend in Annapolis.

Also later to day, we’ve got something special afoot that you’ll hear about later this or next week!


Thanks Ya’ll


Shooting The Breeze Sailing Episode 14, Safety and Seafood

pegasus_sunset2_logoIn this episode of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast we talk about boating safety after a tragic event saddens us and sharpens our focus on personal safety while boating, then we hang out at the club as we try to salvage our Seafood Steamer/End of Season party. Join Robert, Tom, and others playing music and singing around the campfire and in the clubhouse. It was a good time despite the events of the day before, people came together to tell stories, catch up with good friends and enjoy a fine meal.


Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 0014


Gene Smith’s Memorial Information on Hances Point Yacht Club’s Website.


Woody’s Seafood restuarant

Captain Chris’ Crab Shack

Billy King’s Bahama’s video

Spinsheet Magazine

Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast, Episode 2, The Incoherents


Joel, Carl, Greg, and Jeff outside the old practice space across from Turkey Hill on Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA. I think it’s a gated parking area now…………….

Welcome to the second episode of the Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast, featuring The Incoherents. I managed this band shortly after they started  in 1990 at Franklin and Marshall College on the outskirts of Lancaster City, PA. What started out as a college band playing at parties and campus clubs, they emerged onto the Lancaster County Hardcore scene after their second 6 six song Demo “Lunk” was recorded at the legendary Lancaster Studio, The Catbox, run by Suddenly, Tammy! bassist Ken Heitmueller. Contemporaries of Brom Bones, No Ones Hero, The Oogies, Spirit Assembly, Deadlove, Wax Mountain, among many others, they were part of an exciting, up and coming music scene in the region during the early part of the 1990’s, which was paved in the 80’s by bands such as the Sharks, Innocence Mission, and the Ocean Blue, and culminated in bands such as Live and Suddenly, Tammy! They played clubs from the Chameleon club, all the way through Central PA, the Jersey Shore, Brooklyn, and up to the end all be all, CBGB’s.


Playing a party at Ray’s “Cove Bar and Spill.”

An enduring legacy of the scene was Paul Dengel, whom I shared a microphone at WIXQ 91.7 at Millersville University. He went on to start Motherbox records and ended up featuring many of the bands from around South Central PA Hardcore scene on his label well into the next century.I often hoped to get the Incoherents on Motherbox vinyl. Unfortunately The Incoherents had to call it quits in 1993, but I tried to keep the legacy alive, releasing two volumes of “The Lean Years” digitally in 2010. I tried keeping up in the scene as a manager, helping a band called Bighorn, and writing my own Fanzine, “Spastic Et, Loud” up through the mid 90’s. I wrote for Millersville University’s campus newspaper “The Snapper” as an entertainment columnist up through the turn of the century, when I coverted to the digital age with a blog site called “SpasticNation.”


Please enjoy the Pod, hopefully I can get he guys back together someday!

Remember, The Sharks are playing a reunion show on November, 29th, 2014 at the Village in Lancaster. Tickets available



Hootenanny Down the Hall, Episode 2, The Incoherents



You can find The Incoherents, “The Lean Years, Volume 1 and 2 on and Itunes. You can also find more at The Incoherents Facebook page.

Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast, Episode 13, Adventures with Capt. Jim Bailey

pegasus_sunset2_logoOn this episode I sit down on the porch on a Dark and Stormy night with Captain Jim Bailey. A few gin and tonics later, we talked for a good two hours about his recent trip around the Delmarva aboard Capt. Fred’s “Ride on time” where the youngest member of the crew was in his mid to late 60’s, his adventures in South America in the Patagonia region, booking passage around the Horn and all around the southern tip of the continent, his thoughts on life and some other sailing adventures across the pond and up in Maine. We talk about his first voyage on his Oday 25 from New Jersey to Northeast by way of Cape May and how his bucket list is pretty much complete. Have a Dark and Stormy with us and enjoy the lucky 13th episode!

Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 13

@theescapepods Search for Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast

Check out:

Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 12, The Not Much In The Way of Sailing Episode

pegasus_sunset2_logoWelcome to the 12th episode of the Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast where we do some country porch-settin and talk a little about this and a little about that, a little about sailing and the lack thereof, and plans for the future. Featuring the appearance of my Co-Captain Nora, myself and Chris Smoker and all the noises in the neighborhood, as well as the occasional interruption from the 15 year old in the house. It’s been another rough summer in the sailing realm, I’ve been doing more reading and listening about Sailing from 59 degrees North Podcast and other outlets than I’ve actually been sailing this summer. A week in June, one or two Saturdays and few Friday Night races around the North East River and that’s about it. With hopes of more voyages to come and new Podcasting opportunities, we bide our time up here on the hard.


Please be sure to check out the Hootenanny Down The Hall podcast I recently finished and keep tuned for more to come.



Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 0012


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Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast, Episode 0001 David Ford and Jarrod Dickenson at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, May 9th, 2014

David Ford at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, May, 09, 2014

David Ford at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, May, 09, 2014

Jarrod Dickenson at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, May, 09, 2014

Jarrod Dickenson at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, May, 09, 2014

The Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast Episode 0001 (follow link below for streaming or download), Number one, Numero Uno, Initial Episode is now live, featuring UK singer/songwriter David Ford and his opening act Jarrod Dickenson playing upstairs at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, May 9th, 2014. David expresses his love of Philadelphia many times during the show, but the encore is special to anyone who loves Philly, or has been lost and alone far from home, as he plays his Love Song for Philly, entitled Philadelphia Boy. It gives me goose bumps every time I hear it, partly because I’m very familiar with the story behind the song, even a small part of the detailed story which he tells in the last chapter of his 2011 book “I Choose This” which chronicles the first ten years of his music business endeavors.

This podcast serves as a treatise of what your definition of success becomes as you wade through all the Industry BS that comes along with almost any creative endeavor that craves an audience to flourish. David says in his book that “Everyone said that I was going to be the next big thing, I’ve spent the last decade proving them all wrong!” It’s a great read from a super talented rock and roller who went from charismatic leader of a promising major label UK Pop band called EasyWorld, to a loner in his home studio who set out to record a few demo’s but ended up recording an album that would propel him to potential stardom once again as a solo artist. Employing digital looping technology and a heapful of raw talent, multi-tasking on stage in every performace, David Ford became a one man band who traveled oceans to play to the masses. When the Masses or music business promotional support never really materialized as promised by his promoters and record label execs, he was forced once again to rely on his own close knit circle of record label folk and fans to keep him going as a professional singer/songwriter. This is where we find him, with 4 full length albums and a series of EP’s over the years, with tons of video’s on Youtube, David tours the US every spring, tours the UK and Ireland in between, plays a worldwide internet broadcast charity show every year called “Milk and Cookie’s” and plays by his own rules as he always has, it’s just now that the music business has stopped calling and he can go about being a regular bloke with tons of musical talent and a heck of a hobby playing music for his loyal fans.


Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast Episode 0001

David Ford To Hell With The World Video from Mistreexxxs on Youtube.

David Ford I don’t care what you call me video from World Cafe Live, May, 9th, 2014, audio used in the episode.


Opening intro music is “What It Means” from The Incoherents, the band I managed in the Early 90’s.

Episode Browser:

“Everytime” by David Ford 11:53

“Rosalie” by Jarrod Dickenson 18:23

“Your Heart Belongs to Me” by Jarrod Dickenson 22:13

Jarrod Dickenson Interview 25:23

“Come What May” by Jarrod Dickenson 33:53

“In The Meantime” by Jarrod Dickenson 37:22

“Ballad of Miss Lilly” by David Ford 45:35

“Pour a Little Poison” by David Ford 50:14

“I Don’t Care What You Call Me” by David Ford 52:55

“State of the Union” by David Ford 1:00:00

“To Hell With the World” by David Ford 1:08:38

Interview with David Ford 1:22:40

“Man In Me” by Bob Dylan performed by David Ford and Jarrod Dickenson

“Philadelphia Boy” by David Ford


Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 11, Kayak Annapolis with Pirate Pete, Wife Kate(Cate?), Tour Instructor Dustin, and Harbor Master Bill

pegasus_sunset2_logoShooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 11, where we sit with the fine folks at Kayak Annapolis. Pirate Pete, his wife Kate, their First Mate and Tour Guide Instructor Dustin, along with a quick visit by Harbor Master Bill. I’ve known Pete for years, since middle school in fact, up through his time slinging drinks in Lancaster, PA, where he was honored by Barfly Magazine as the Bartender of the Month…… Twice, in fact! The Adventurous Spirit took hold of him round the turn of the Century, and he off and went to Hawaii, where he charmed a young woman as a kayak/zip line guide, got married, turned back towards the mainland, and ended up with Kayak Annapolis.

Pirate Pete sits with Jeffrey Wettig dishing on the good old days.

Pirate Pete sits with Jeffrey Wettig dishing on the good old days.

We start by a bit of paddle school and the tour with Dustin, then end up with a few beers on the back of the floating office next to Truxton Park off the Spa Creek, in Annapolis.

The are a family oriented company, but the jokes get a bit salty towards the end, so please don’t be offended, I think they are a fun addition to the pod.

It was a great addition to the week of cruising with Capt. Finger and glad to have been able to enjoy the experience.

Also big thanks to Andy Schell over at 59 degrees North for the new intro he recorded for me just before leaving Bermuda for the trip back to Newport after the Newport to Bermuda Race the week before!


Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast

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Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, Episode 10, Conversation with Capt. Finger

pegasus_sunset2_logoWelcome everyone to the 10th episode of the Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast! Can you believe I actually finished ten episodes? On this episode we go cruising for a week with Captain Finger. On the second night we sit on Mill Creek in Whitehall Bay and shoot the breeze. We discuss how he got started sailing, some of his offshore sailing adventures, sailing upon the bay for the past thirty years, and some of his plans for heading to the Islands this upcoming winter.




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David Ford Podcast Preview



The first episode of the “Hootenanny Down The Hall” Podcast is still in the works. Unfortunately I just haven’t had time to really work on it with extra shifts at work, Mom visiting, and a well deserved vacation week coming up. I really hope to get it up by the end of June or early July. The David Ford concert was May 9th, so I don’t want it getting too far along afterwards.

For a quick taste of what’s to come, check out this video from the show, featuring David Ford and Jarrod Dickenson performing “I Don’t Care What You Call Me” after giving some love to Philadelphia.

So for now, enjoy the latest episodes of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast!

Thanks Ya’ll


David Ford and Jarrod Dickenson, WCL May, 9, 2014

Shooting The Breeze Episode 9, Dalloway vs. Derecho

pegasus_sunset2_logoWelcome Episode 9 of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast where we chat with Matt and Carrie aboard their Grampian 26 which they fully restored over the past couple of years. Mr. Smoker and myself spend a morning floating outside of Lloyds Creek on the Chesapeake Bay, shooting the breeze with friends whose adventures are harrowing and funny, and a cautionary tale for sailors everywhere.

We talk about the restoration, the June, 29th, 2012 Derecho they endured on the Sassafras River, the Hippies sinking Gonzo’s Flying Dog, Sailors vs. powerboats, and buying a sailing pram on Ebay.

Follow links below for streaming and downloading.


Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 0009

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Garth sinks the boat.


00.00.52  Captain Jeffrey’s Intro

00.07.20 Chapter 1 of Interview

01.00.20 Intermission

01.00.44 Chapter 2 of interview

02.01.19 Outtro

02.01.48 Out take


Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, Episode 0008

pegasus_sunset2_logoWelcome to the Eighth Episode of the Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast.

In this episode we visit the club for opening weekend festivities, including the Blessing of the Fleet, a flag raising, and the Burning of the Socks, HPYC style.

The festivities end up devolving into a free for all Hootenanny with all sorts of instruments and all sorts of people playing them.

Admittedly, this episode is a bit scarce on the actual sailing kind of thing, but it’s a good example of our “Yacht Club” activities before the sailing season actually gets rolling full steam.

Big thanks to all involved, some of which I’m not even familiar with on a personal level. Please feel free to contact me at if you want to add your name to the list or add links for those involved.


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For a visual companion to the Podcast, here is a link for some photos and a short video of the procession.