Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast, Episode 0001 David Ford and Jarrod Dickenson at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, May 9th, 2014

David Ford at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, May, 09, 2014

David Ford at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, May, 09, 2014

Jarrod Dickenson at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, May, 09, 2014

Jarrod Dickenson at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, May, 09, 2014

The Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast Episode 0001 (follow link below for streaming or download), Number one, Numero Uno, Initial Episode is now live, featuring UK singer/songwriter David Ford and his opening act Jarrod Dickenson playing upstairs at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, May 9th, 2014. David expresses his love of Philadelphia many times during the show, but the encore is special to anyone who loves Philly, or has been lost and alone far from home, as he plays his Love Song for Philly, entitled Philadelphia Boy. It gives me goose bumps every time I hear it, partly because I’m very familiar with the story behind the song, even a small part of the detailed story which he tells in the last chapter of his 2011 book “I Choose This” which chronicles the first ten years of his music business endeavors.

This podcast serves as a treatise of what your definition of success becomes as you wade through all the Industry BS that comes along with almost any creative endeavor that craves an audience to flourish. David says in his book that “Everyone said that I was going to be the next big thing, I’ve spent the last decade proving them all wrong!” It’s a great read from a super talented rock and roller who went from charismatic leader of a promising major label UK Pop band called EasyWorld, to a loner in his home studio who set out to record a few demo’s but ended up recording an album that would propel him to potential stardom once again as a solo artist. Employing digital looping technology and a heapful of raw talent, multi-tasking on stage in every performace, David Ford became a one man band who traveled oceans to play to the masses. When the Masses or music business promotional support never really materialized as promised by his promoters and record label execs, he was forced once again to rely on his own close knit circle of record label folk and fans to keep him going as a professional singer/songwriter. This is where we find him, with 4 full length albums and a series of EP’s over the years, with tons of video’s on Youtube, David tours the US every spring, tours the UK and Ireland in between, plays a worldwide internet broadcast charity show every year called “Milk and Cookie’s” and plays by his own rules as he always has, it’s just now that the music business has stopped calling and he can go about being a regular bloke with tons of musical talent and a heck of a hobby playing music for his loyal fans.


Hootenanny Down the Hall Music Podcast Episode 0001



David Ford To Hell With The World Video from Mistreexxxs on Youtube.

David Ford I don’t care what you call me video from World Cafe Live, May, 9th, 2014, audio used in the episode.


Opening intro music is “What It Means” from The Incoherents, the band I managed in the Early 90’s.

Episode Browser:

“Everytime” by David Ford 11:53

“Rosalie” by Jarrod Dickenson 18:23

“Your Heart Belongs to Me” by Jarrod Dickenson 22:13

Jarrod Dickenson Interview 25:23

“Come What May” by Jarrod Dickenson 33:53

“In The Meantime” by Jarrod Dickenson 37:22

“Ballad of Miss Lilly” by David Ford 45:35

“Pour a Little Poison” by David Ford 50:14

“I Don’t Care What You Call Me” by David Ford 52:55

“State of the Union” by David Ford 1:00:00

“To Hell With the World” by David Ford 1:08:38

Interview with David Ford 1:22:40

“Man In Me” by Bob Dylan performed by David Ford and Jarrod Dickenson

“Philadelphia Boy” by David Ford


Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 11, Kayak Annapolis with Pirate Pete, Wife Kate(Cate?), Tour Instructor Dustin, and Harbor Master Bill

pegasus_sunset2_logoShooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 11, where we sit with the fine folks at Kayak Annapolis. Pirate Pete, his wife Kate, their First Mate and Tour Guide Instructor Dustin, along with a quick visit by Harbor Master Bill. I’ve known Pete for years, since middle school in fact, up through his time slinging drinks in Lancaster, PA, where he was honored by Barfly Magazine as the Bartender of the Month…… Twice, in fact! The Adventurous Spirit took hold of him round the turn of the Century, and he off and went to Hawaii, where he charmed a young woman as a kayak/zip line guide, got married, turned back towards the mainland, and ended up with Kayak Annapolis.

Pirate Pete sits with Jeffrey Wettig dishing on the good old days.

Pirate Pete sits with Jeffrey Wettig dishing on the good old days.

We start by a bit of paddle school and the tour with Dustin, then end up with a few beers on the back of the floating office next to Truxton Park off the Spa Creek, in Annapolis.

The are a family oriented company, but the jokes get a bit salty towards the end, so please don’t be offended, I think they are a fun addition to the pod.

It was a great addition to the week of cruising with Capt. Finger and glad to have been able to enjoy the experience.

Also big thanks to Andy Schell over at 59 degrees North for the new intro he recorded for me just before leaving Bermuda for the trip back to Newport after the Newport to Bermuda Race the week before!


Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast

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Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, Episode 10, Conversation with Capt. Finger

pegasus_sunset2_logoWelcome everyone to the 10th episode of the Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast! Can you believe I actually finished ten episodes? On this episode we go cruising for a week with Captain Finger. On the second night we sit on Mill Creek in Whitehall Bay and shoot the breeze. We discuss how he got started sailing, some of his offshore sailing adventures, sailing upon the bay for the past thirty years, and some of his plans for heading to the Islands this upcoming winter.




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David Ford Podcast Preview



The first episode of the “Hootenanny Down The Hall” Podcast is still in the works. Unfortunately I just haven’t had time to really work on it with extra shifts at work, Mom visiting, and a well deserved vacation week coming up. I really hope to get it up by the end of June or early July. The David Ford concert was May 9th, so I don’t want it getting too far along afterwards.

For a quick taste of what’s to come, check out this video from the show, featuring David Ford and Jarrod Dickenson performing “I Don’t Care What You Call Me” after giving some love to Philadelphia.

So for now, enjoy the latest episodes of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast!

Thanks Ya’ll


David Ford and Jarrod Dickenson, WCL May, 9, 2014

Shooting The Breeze Episode 9, Dalloway vs. Derecho

pegasus_sunset2_logoWelcome Episode 9 of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast where we chat with Matt and Carrie aboard their Grampian 26 which they fully restored over the past couple of years. Mr. Smoker and myself spend a morning floating outside of Lloyds Creek on the Chesapeake Bay, shooting the breeze with friends whose adventures are harrowing and funny, and a cautionary tale for sailors everywhere.

We talk about the restoration, the June, 29th, 2012 Derecho they endured on the Sassafras River, the Hippies sinking Gonzo’s Flying Dog, Sailors vs. powerboats, and buying a sailing pram on Ebay.

Follow links below for streaming and downloading.


Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 0009

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Garth sinks the boat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phxu_5JgnK8


00.00.52  Captain Jeffrey’s Intro

00.07.20 Chapter 1 of Interview

01.00.20 Intermission

01.00.44 Chapter 2 of interview

02.01.19 Outtro

02.01.48 Out take


Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, Episode 0008

pegasus_sunset2_logoWelcome to the Eighth Episode of the Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast.

In this episode we visit the club for opening weekend festivities, including the Blessing of the Fleet, a flag raising, and the Burning of the Socks, HPYC style.

The festivities end up devolving into a free for all Hootenanny with all sorts of instruments and all sorts of people playing them.

Admittedly, this episode is a bit scarce on the actual sailing kind of thing, but it’s a good example of our “Yacht Club” activities before the sailing season actually gets rolling full steam.

Big thanks to all involved, some of which I’m not even familiar with on a personal level. Please feel free to contact me at jeffrey.wettig@gmail.com if you want to add your name to the list or add links for those involved.




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For a visual companion to the Podcast, here is a link for some photos and a short video of the procession.


Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 0007

pegasus_sunset2_logoThe Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 0007 is now availble for download and streaming.

Join me as the pod gets up to current speed, recorded on the last weekend in April 2014 at the club and at the Spring Sailboat Show in Annapolis Maryland, brought to you by USboat.com.

In this episode we enjoy the fire on a rainy evening listening to Capt. Spicer play the Guitar, while the rest of us sing along and talk turkey about the Round the Delmarva trip some members are planning.

Then we take it to Annapolis, MD on Sunday for the Spring Sailboat show, were we talk briefly with a few interesting vendors and spend some time with fellow Lancastrian and Sailing Podcaster Andy Schell, a world cruiser and writer for SAIL Magazine.

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Andy Schell at www.59-north.com where he blogs and podcasts

Williams and Heinz Map Corporation www.whchartbook.com

Margaret Blackwell, Boat Food cookbook, www.boatfood.net

Waterway Guide Magazine and Skipper Bob’s guidbooks www.waterwayguide.com

Come back later for possibly some pics from Andy Schell!

Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 0006

pegasus_sunset2_logoThe latest Episode of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, Episode 0006 “Selling out to the Masses” is now available.

Join us as we hunker down by the fire in a Harsh Winter, avoiding the upcoming Snowpocalypse, We sell Sailing to the Masses, then think twice about the whole thing…….Just like aging Alt/Punks, can we keep our integrity intact while spreading the Sailing Gospel to the world. Then we talk about buying used boats since we can’t afford new ones. Just like Groundhog Day, this episode never ends!

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Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast E0006


HPYC_Winter_2014Links associated with the Pod.

Billy King going to the Bahama’s

Chesapeake Sailing Club Meetup Website, http://www.meetup.com/csa-com/


Ep0005 Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast, Boat Showin!

pegasus_sunset2_logoEpisode Five of the Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast, Boat Showin! is now available! Join us as we attend the United States Sailboat Show held in October, 2013 in Annapolis, Maryland. Interviews with Sailing Industry Professionals and world cruisers at the United States Sailboat Show.


Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast, Episode Five, Boat Showin!


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Episode Four of the Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast : Fireside Shenanigans

pegasus_sunset2_logoHere is the Fourth Episode of the Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast : Fireside Shenanigans where we find ourselves immersed in conversation by the fire at the club in September 2013 as we close the sailing season by enjoying some ambiance, a few drinks, a big fire, and each others stories.

Captain Williams serenades us with songs about sailing, tells us stories of canal boats and Europe, Capt. Jim and Donna, Capt. Ray and Ingrid, and Capt. Finger enter into the coversation with thier stories and we all had a great night at the club by the bay.

Links mentioned in the stories,





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Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 0004




Episode Three of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast : Porchsettin’ In November

pegasus_sunset2_logoHere is the Third Episode of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast entitled “Porchsettin’ in November” where your host(s) only mention the Hippies once, and hear the stories of how a few captains at the club got their start in boating and sailing.

Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast, Episode 00003



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Episode 2 of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast is now available

Still talking about Hippies and such, Captain Jeffrey S. Wettig and First Mate Chris Smoker Shoot the Breeze about sailing and such on Episode 2 of the podcast.

The Website is functional, the feeds are up, and you can now find the pods over at Itunes if yopegasus_sunset2_logou search hard enough.

Feel free to offer up some feedback, jeffrey.wettig@gmail dot com or drdkdover over at twitter

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Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 00002

Here is the First Episode of Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast!

pegasus_sunset2_logoHere it is, Check it out! The first ever episode of the Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast! Listen as Captain Jeffrey S. Wettig and First Mate Chris Smoker dish about the reasons for doing the pod as well as the upcoming content of the first few episodes, a little Bob Bitchin, Hunter S. Thompson and the Vagabond Hippies…………

You can stream below….

Or right click and save as on the following link.

Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast Episode 0001

Sail On!